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Service troops massacre at least 200 protesters in the city. 1935 ) September 25 Don Adams, American actor (b. Retrieved October 21, 2009. "Kyrgyz citizens overthrow President Ayakev (Tulip Revolution 2005". "Death toll from Egypt blasts rises to 59 - TV". "Comet probe Deep Impact launches". "UN summit seeks climate solutions". 1935 ) February 7 Atli Dam, 3-Time Prime Minister of Faroe Islands (b. Howell, Elizabeth (January 26, 2015). 1964 ) April 2 Pope John Paul II (b. "French court clears weekly in Mohammad cartoon row". 1907 ) February 14 Rafic Hariri, 2-Time Prime Minister of Lebanon (b. 1920 ) November 11 November 13 Eddie Guerrero, Mexican-American professional wrestler (b. 1953 ) December 16 John Spencer, American actor (b. escort utan kondom amatör porr sverige


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